The law is constantly being updated and interpreted, and the average Landlord cannot keep up with legislative changes and current Court rulings. You want a professional on your side who knows how to protect your assets and make sure you and your legal documents are in compliance with the current laws.

Not every problem with a tenant has to be resolved with a lawsuit. Resolution of a disputed eviction lawsuit prior to appeal is crucial for two reasons:  

  1. Rent property, subject to an appeal, will continue to draw no income for you while the matter awaits trial in the higher Court. 
  2. Even if money is paid by your tenant into the County Court’s registry, does your representative know how to petition the court to have those funds disbursed, and can this person get your money from the Court quickly?

You need someone in your corner with a firm understanding of the law and the capability to navigate a complicated system.


All hope is not lost.  An eviction lawsuit is not the end of the world.  In fact, we have helped many tenants who have been sued for eviction to walk away from the experience with relatively little harm.  How is that?

Our proven defense strategies tend to result in reasonable terms of settlement that everyone can live with.  Whether you are a small business in a commercial lease or a family in a residential one, resolution outside of the courtroom is always a possibility.

Too often tenants waive their rights by giving in to the Landlord’s demand for the tenant to vacate.  What you may fail to see, is that the Landlord may still have every authority to pursue a judgment against you.  

You might think that the matter is over when you leave, but a civil court judgment can last for more than a decade.  It can encumber real and personal property, including bank accounts and even your home.  It can prevent you from getting into a rental property in the future or cut off your access to credit in future purchases.  Don’t let today’s eviction haunt you for years to come.  

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