I’m amazed by just how often I have to remind Landlords that Landlording is a business, and that each decision should be made from a business perspective. “Will it generate profit,” or “will it generate a loss?”
These are the important considerations, not “Should I teach them a lesson” or Should the Tenant be allowed to get away with this?”
Your decision to go after a tenant should be made on the basis that it makes good money sense. Bad litigation doesn’t make money, but sometimes, it makes 100% perfect sense to go after a Tenant in default.
We are excited to introduce our amazing team to you! And today, please welcome Lilian,
our Legal Receptionist.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Lilian, I am the receptionist at the Law Firm. I have been here since late September. It’s truly been a blessing to work with this amazing team and having the opportunity to expand my knowledge in a different field of law.

I previously worked at an immigration law firm. I enjoy being able to help, I believe that’s the reason why I stay in the law field. I’m a person that loves to learn and LOEG team is the best when it comes to showing/ teaching you what is needed. I can say I am a very determined person in becoming better and the best I can be day by day to achieve my family’s & my personal goals.
The Law Firm is very committed to their clients as to protecting their valued assets. It’s truly incredible how Mr. Garcia provides so much information in his YouTube channel, website blog, and even on the news!

The motivation to help and provide that information is admiring, not everyone has that in them to give that knowledge and assistance. I just can’t say it enough in how blessed I am to be part of The Law Office of Ernie Garcia. I look forward to continuing to provide my skills to better assist clients, future clients, and the law firm.


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​ and we’ve handled hundreds of them.

Together we can craft a strategy personalized for you.
The consultation is available via phone, video conference or in person.

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