People have very different expectations when we talk about Inspections. Most people wrongly believe that a Landlord can do whatever he wants with his rental property. Conversely, the opposite is also untrue. The key in both situations is the Lease itself. Your rights as a Landlord are best defined, not in the Texas Property Code, but in your written Lease.

When can you enter the Property for repairs, or inspections?
Can you bring in prospective buyers or renter while your Tenants are still living on the property?

Maybe. What does your Lease say?

Generally speaking, most of your questions can be answered by checking out your own Lease, and most problems can be avoided by knowing what rights are in your lease and knowing how to exercise those rights, watch this 1 minute video to learn more.

Can a Landlord Enter Unannounced?

If you need additional assistance reviewing, modifying, or helping you understand your lease, reach out to us now. We can generally do this within a single 30 min consultation.

To book your appointment with Ernie, for just $149, you can call us at (832) 305 7694 or book it directly here. 

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