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At The Law Office of Ernie Garcia, we redefine legal standards, providing unparalleled advocacy and peace of mind in real estate matters. Our seasoned team of legal professionals are committed to navigating the complexities of property disputes, ensuring that your rights are not only protected but vigorously defended.


Very few attorneys know Landlord/Tenant Law the way we do. It’s not enough to be a real estate attorney if you have no experience in the Justice Courts and County Courts throughout the State of Texas. It’s not enough to be familiar with the Texas Property Code if you’ve never argued it in court and know which judges take the law one way and which courts take it a very different way. This experience is why having a Landlord Attorney in your corner really matters.  

When your tenant refuses to pay rent or to follow the provisions of the lease so that an Eviction filing becomes necessary, your only concern is “How do I get this back on track?” Your rental strategy only works if you’re bringing rent revenue and your rental investment is well maintained. You need a professional on your side who knows how to protect your assets and understands the courts and the law in a way that gives you a tactical advantage.

Not every problem with a tenant has to be resolved with an eviction judgment, and sometimes an eviction lawsuit can be avoided altogether, but eviction and the potential for eviction must be part of a strong management strategy, not merely a last resort. A professional landlord knows that power and the limitations of an eviction filing. You might prevent the delay of eviction with an effective settlement strategy, but such a strategy requires firm knowledge of the eviction time tables and the legal options available for settlement to work at its peak.  

Need help with eviction? 

Your first step is to book a consultation with us. During the consultation we’ll answer your questions, review the details of your case and help you create a solid legal strategy to recover your money and property quicker.

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Civil Litigation

Landlords without lawsuit experience often jump to certain conclusions when their tenants even hint at the prospect of a lawsuit. The toilet stopped working, so the tenant demands a hotel stay. There’s mildew in the bathroom, and the tenant claims the home is uninhabitable. Or a tenant who left months ago, now wants to sue you for wrongfully withholding their security deposit! Nervous landlords read messages like this, and they run in and throw money at the problem, but, somehow, the tenant is never satisfied.  

Too often people neglect their most valuable assets because they’re focused on the wrong issue. Don’t allow someone to threaten you or your property.  We have extensive experience with civil litigation in Landlord/Tenant matters, debt resolution, foreclosures, and HOA disputes. 

If you’re facing the real prospect of a civil lawsuit, chances are very high that we’ve fought and won a case just like yours. Don’t panic, reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the process in a way that shifts the leverage back to you. This way, you maneuver from a position of strength instead of fear. 

Need help with a civil lawsuit or a demand letter that you’ve received? 

Your first step is to book a consultation with us. During the consultation we’ll answer your questions, review the details of your case and help you create a time and money efficient solid legal to resolve your matter. 

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Document Review & Drafting

Too often, I come across Landlords who don’t have their Leases reviewed on a regular basis, don’t have crucial information highlighted in their Lease, or don’t really know what’s in their Lease at all. Whether you are in serious need of a Lease upgrade, or simply need to review your current lease for maximum effectiveness, we can help! 

Along with handling a high volume of real estate litigation, we routinely draft and file liens, notices, deeds, leases, promissory notes, and more. A well drafted document can go a long way in either settling a lawsuit or preventing the need for a lawsuit altogether. 

Ready for a Lease that protects you and your landlording business? For just $650 we can review, update, and customize your lease to make sure you have a solid foundation and a keen understanding of your legal duties, rights, and obligations for a successful landlording business.

Here’s what you’ll get with our offer:

– We’ll review your existing lease or customize a brand new Lease;

– We’ll make sure your Lease is up to date with the Texas Property Code;

– We’ll tailor your Lease & House Rules to suit the unique needs of your rental property; AND

– We’ll schedule a 30-minute session (in-person, phone, or Zoom) with one of our highly qualified attorneys to answer your Lease questions 

Need help with a Lease, Notice to Vacate or any other Legal Document Drafted? 

Call us at  (832) 305-7694, or email at and we’ll have it sorted out for you right away. 

Client Reviews

Ernie Garcia’s law firm helped me through couple of evictions and tenant related issues. From the initial consultation to the resolution of each matter, Ernie and his team provided responses and guidance in a timely manner. They are quite knowledgeable about evictions and other Real Estate legal issues. Very professional, always responded to my calls, emails and answered all my questions. I would like to thank the Office of Ernie Garcia and his staff for their professional services. Highly recommend them!!!

Goran Petrusevsky

We used the Law Office of Ernie Garcia for a tenant that was effectively squatting. The tenant new every trick in the book and hadn’t paid any rent at all in 2023. The first law firm we used was incompetent. We were referred to Ernie by a management organization and are completely satisfied. Complete knowledge of process, procedures and proper execution. Erine can’t change the speed of the legal process but will make the process much more palatable. Thank you very much for all your help.

Vigil Anesthesia

Very knowledgeable attorney, Mr. Garcia gave me all the instructions on a 30 minute consultation to properly take possession of my rental property after a tenant appeared to have abandoned it. I’ve tried to  do evictions myself in the past but tiny paperwork errors made caused me major delays and larger loss of money due to unpaid rent. You can hire them to handle your case or you can pay them for a consultation and make sure all your forms are correct and handle things yourself. Highly recommend them.

Stephan Vachev

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