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So you’ve found love! Congratulations!

Now comes the hard question, before the festivities celebrating you and your significant other commence, ask yourself, “Do I need a prenup?” This isn’t a question of loyalty, love, honesty, or planning for failure. This is a business decision that should be considered seriously by both parties. If you have considerable assets you would like to protect, a prenuptial agreement isn’t a bad idea.

The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to govern property division when both parties can agree on the distribution of their personal and real property in the event of an unfortunate situation like death or divorce. Prenuptial agreements also have limitations as to what can and cannot be controlled. For example, a prenup cannot waive a future spouse’s benefits under a 401k, violate public policy, defraud creditors, and cannot have a harmful or adverse effect on the right of a child to support.

Remember, a prenuptial agreement can be made to protect bot parties and their interests in the matrimonial regime which is formed during the course of the marriage. If you do consider a prenup, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney to be sure your prenup complies with the Texas Family Code, or else it may be deemed voidable.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Planning to tie the knot? Give us a call! (832) 305-7694.



Every person is doing the love with your wife and then spend the happy life. In the engagement event is the very best because all the people are so happy and doing the praying for spending the happy life in the future. Always love your family and support your family at every stage of life.

02/16/2018 3:33am

Failure to plan is planning to fail. What a very wise thing to say. I have heard of this saying before by my father. It is always important to plan ahead because this will secure everything in the future and it will guide us to a better choice in decision making. More people should consider having a prenup because this is for their own sake. I do not personally need this since I am not yet getting married. Maybe in the future!


Nice article. I think it is useful and unique article. I love this kind of article and this kind of blog. I have enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your website.


Prenup is not a question of loyalty and honestly. It's your way of protecting your assets that you acquired even before getting married. You're right, it's never a bad idea! If there are still people who do not have the right understanding about this matter, I think it's about time for them to understand how some things work before wedding. If your partner it too sensitive and doesn't see the real idea of prenup, maybe you can explain it to him further and see if he will understand it already.


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