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I am often asked how someone can get out of their HOA. The short, very easy, very sarcastic answer is, “Well, move.”

Generally, your Homeowners Association is here to stay. You may not remember being notified that you were joining all the HOA fun that glorious day you bought your home and signed a mountain of paperwork (and read none of it). However, that’s your HOA now.

So how does one cope with their Homeowners Association? Well, you can find a current copy of your deed restrictions and get yourself familiar with twenty-or-so pages of mind-numbing legalese. You could acquaint yourself with your neighbors and swap HOA war stories. There are also regularly scheduled meetings to attend where the HOA Board, believe it or not, welcomes input from its follow homeowners. That’s right, the board is generally comprised of other owners (a lot like you).

When it comes to HOA issues, we encourage self-help. Many times, problems between homeowners and the HOA are resolved by sitting down and simply talking things out. Other problems, like a cease and desist letter from the HOA Board’s attorney, might require some professional attention.

Coming down with a case of the HOA blues? Give us a call, we’d love to help.  



02/03/2018 3:07am

Now a day's every person is desire to live-in your personal home in the whole life. All the home design is totally changing. All the home style is different to each other. All the home is decorated with the different wall paint and furniture.

02/04/2018 11:17pm

I can totally relate. We just moved to our new house. We we’re really happy at first but after a few weeks problems started to arise. There were issues with the garbage disposal, the unruly kids and there was also one incidence of burglary which really scared me. I thought we moved into a safe and nice neighborhood but things we’re not what we imagined. We brought it up with the home owners association but they we’re not really helpful. They just told us that they would look into it. I sure hope that things would turn out okay in the end.

02/13/2018 2:55pm

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