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Within two days of the flood, I received multiple emails for help. One person said, “My rent house was completely flooded, and my landlord kicked me out. I have no place to go.”

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, you have certain rights and obligations with a rent house after a natural disaster. For a quick review of your rights, read your written lease. You may also want to speak with a professional who practices Landlord/Tenant Law. For a free consultation, call (832) 305-7694.

How long does a Landlord have before repairs must be completed?

Do you have the right to terminate your Lease?

Can a renter withhold rent while repairs are pending?

What must a landlord do if a residential rental unit is uninhabitable?

Can hotel and food costs be refunded?

Don’t act without knowing the answers to your specific questions. Many answers are fact specific to your situation and to your lease. Don’t risk making yourself a target for an Eviction or a Repair & Remedy lawsuit.



10/15/2017 8:15am

I just want you to know that I fully care with what happened to you. I am hoping everything will be even and it will all turn out fine. Just be patient, I know that you will get what you want. I am hoping that our rights will always be exercised so that we may find peace and have good relationship with one another. It's a nice site, I am very much thankful for the stuff it offers.

10/20/2017 2:19am

That will never be refunded. There will be a lot of losts if it will be!


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