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Wouldn’t it be nice to say “Goodbye!” to all of your credit card debt?  We sometimes get the feeling that debts, which have gone dormant, have actually gone away.  That’s not necessarily true.

While it’s generally true that certain debts must be sought within four years to be actionable in a lawsuit, consumers sometimes fall prey to schemes which restart the clock.  Often consumers roll old debts into new loans, restarting the time period for purposes of the statute of limitations.

If you are currently being sued, or if you  are being  threatened with a potential lawsuit, you should seek an attorney to see if a statute of limitations defense can be applied to your set of facts.  Can some debts be beaten?  Sure, but you’ll need to be certain that a good legal defense can be implemented with your particular debt.

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Bad credit made in the past can sneak up on you and you may find yourself in a deep financial hole all of the sudden. Like some individuals, you might be tempted to find a legal credit repair company so that they can help you get out of the situation you are now in.

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There can be times when debts can make you mad. You may need to pay what you are not even capable of. There are generally two types of debt, one is personal and one is business debt.


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