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We see it almost every day: the number 1 mistake that tenants make when dealing with their landlords, property managers, and apartment complexes. We talk to tenants who are frustrated and angry about the lack of attention they’ve received regarding requests for repairs. So do they have any grounds to withhold rent? Any grounds for legal action? Unfortunately the typical answer is “no” – and it all comes down to the lease that you have signed.

The number one mistake that tenants make when making a repair request is HOW they make their request.  Tenants are often given a phone number to request all repairs.  But your lease probably requires your request to be made in writing.

But what if your apartment manager asked you to text? It doesn’t matter. What if your apartment complex has an online portal to submit requests for convenience? It doesn’t matter. You can use those things in tandem with your written notice. And be sure to keep a dated copy for yourself as proof that you’ve sent the notice.

So, are your repair requests guaranteed from there? Not quite. If you owe any amount of money in rent or fees, your landlord may be able to refuse your repair request. 

So what can I do to stand on my rights?  You’ve just asked a huge question.  Fortunately, we have the answers.  Don’t just put up with that broken sink!  Give us a call for a free confidential consultation to make sure that you are getting the most out of your lease.  

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Houston Business Litigation, Consumer Debt, and Real Estate Attorney